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Streamline your digital roadmap

Software enables businesses and users to either automate, optimise, innovate, or provide users a better experience. Whether you are looking to build a product strategy, digital roadmap, launch a solution, or audit your current technical infrastructure, let the Open Vantage team assist you with your successful digital transformation. 


Perhaps you already have an innovative idea or product, but are not sure what your next steps should be? You are ready to move forward but are unsure on how to take your product to market? Your first step is to lay the foundation with a roadmap orientated for future product growth and development. This can be achieved through our strategy workshops.

Open Vantage workshops are designed with non-technical founders in mind.

We’ve worked with numerous startups and entrepreneurs to develop detailed action plans, outlining the correct next steps, potential risks, and technology requirements to take ideas and products to the next level.
Strategy workshops are done in person, brainstorming ideas, learning, asking critical business questions, extrapolating market needs, and ensuring the solutions solve real business needs.


The challenge is not always the development of a world class solution, but more so getting users to adopt and use the solution. Open Vantage follows a simple, yet effective implementation process:

Spark excitement

Start building excitement and involve the team along the entire journey.

Find your champions

Find people who will be naturally comfortable with the software’s concepts, and encourage them to advocate on its behalf.

Create a shared understanding

If your staff are unable to find a reason to use the new software, you can almost guarantee low buy in.

Thorough training pack

Ensure the team has the right tools to accompany them along the journey.

Hold training events

Linked to the training pack, is learning whilst doing.


Our technical experts assist in managing business and organisational risks associated with the use of software and technology. Ensuring you extract as much value from your technology investments.

Technical consulting services include code reviews and reports, unpacking data and cloud security, and identifying technology risks.Allowing you to put the necessary controls in place to manage those risks, reduce costs through automation and devops, implement sustainable solutions, and improve the overall environment.

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flexibility & accountability

Being advocates of technological advancements, we understand the importance of migrating towards the modern way of working. Remote working is now the new way of working, however, we at Open Vantage advocate for this by coupling remote working with accountability. It all comes down to the self-starter mentality, trust, freedom and putting the parameters down for “self-governing” growth.

people-centred software

People get things going and make it happen. Our success and wealth are defined by our people. Working side by side, day in and day out, with a common goal, where we live and breathe comradery, which means helping those around us, celebrating achievements together and more importantly, facing challenges together.

our values

teamwork & collaboration

We achieve more when we collaborate and work together, and in doing so we develop as a team and evolve faster than anyone could alone.

how this guides us

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At OV we solve complex business problems. We know that it takes more than one brilliant mind to achieve a goal, especially as the issues we’re trying to solve become more complex, no single person has all of the information, context, and skills needed. It takes a team for great ideas to come to life. We work as a team and can achieve far more than any individual working alone. We understand that no one is too should be too proud or too great to stop and help those around them.

Working together promotes fast development. We understand that collaboration streamlines effective communication, faster problem solving, and upskilling, in the workplace and provides everyone the opportunity to feel recognized and validated in their contribution to our team. We understand the right kind of ambition is the ambition for the company’s success with one’s own success coming as a by-product of the company’s victory.

excellence & accountability

We own what we do and always aim to be outstanding, and in doing so we satisfy our customers with superior quality, value and service.

how this guides us

Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. We are responsible for our actions, behaviors, performance and decisions. We recognize that other team members and our business’s performance depends on the results of our work and the commitments we make. Every mail, meeting, or work deliverable is our CV.

We focus on the user and the rest will follow. We focus on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new feature, tweaking the look of an existing feature, managing customer requirements, we take great care to ensure that we will ultimately serve the customer the best experience.